Priyanka & Vikram

August 31, 2019Dallas, TX

The Wedding

Saturday, August 31, 2019
3:00 PM
Attire: Formal
2600 Hitching Post Trail, Anna, TX 75409, USA

Baraat procession starts promptly at 3:00 PM with Ceremony commencing immediately after at 3:30 PM.

Please be on time. Late attendees may be asked to wait until appropriate time to be seated.

Our Story
Our Story

Our story is an interesting one and I love telling it! However, it's hard to find the right words so check back soon for the full story. In the meantime, below are the cliffnotes!


In typical 21st century fashion, Priyanka and Vikram met on a dating app called "Tinder". Tinder works by looking at a person's picture swiping "right" if you think they look hot.

We matched, had an awkward conversation, and decided to meet up one Saturday night in Midtown.

Fun Fact - We met at Dogwood and Parker Leach officially introduced us.

To be continued...


Our first date was at Movie Studio Grill. We saw Ant Man.

To be continued...


Vikram first knew he wanted to marry Priyanka in December of 2017.

He proposed during their 3rd anniversary which they were celebrating in Vegas at iHeart Radio Music Festival.

It was done super legit in true Vikram style.

To be continued...

Wedding Party

Rohan Parolkar - Best Man

"I met Vikram one day in 1992 at the hospital in St. Louis, and we have been best brothers ever since. We got to know each other very well growing up in Austin. Over the years I've done my best to be a good role model for Vikram. Yet, in many ways, he's been a role model for me too and he never ceases to surprise me, making me proud to be his brother. While Vikram ventures off with Priyanka around the world, I will be in Austin keeping the nest warm for the holidays that we are lucky enough to have him home. I'm looking forward to Priyanka and Vikram making their new home together."

Krunal Sheth - Groomsman

"I met Vikram through my sister one day when she brought him over. I didn't know what to think of him until he showed me what a passionate person he is about everything he does. It can be towards Priyanka, towards his work, or even towards saving money and finding a good deal. All I know is that I can learn a lot from Vikram and I'm glad he's joining the family."

Daniel Kubala - Groomsman

"It's difficult not to be good friends when you grow up in the same neighborhood and take the same classes for 12 years in a row. Vik and I managed to stay close even after high school. Even though I always destroy him at every board game we play, we've survived a way-too-cold winter backpacking trip in Big Bend and plenty of late-night adventures across NYC, Providence, Austin, and Houston."

Brian Strasert - Groomsman

Brian and Vikram met freshman year at Rice and became fast friends. While rooming together for the next three years, they managed to survive each other, which told them that this was a friendship that would last. He and his wife, Daphne, have know Vikram and Priyanka for years, so find them during the wedding if you want to hear any funny or embarrassing stories about them!

Gautam Upadhya - Groomsman

"While I have perhaps been Vikram's greatest nemesis, his own shortcomings have always been a close second. I may have bested him in many a high school competition, but his own cheerful countenance bested his pathological proclivity to be single and will dance its victory lap this August at his wedding!" In all seriousness, Gautam and Vikram bonded over long hours preparing for math and debate competitions in high school, and being general goofballs among the higher nerdish strata of their high school (I swear dapper Vikram was a nerd once).

Christopher Lloyd-Davies - Groomsman

Vikram and Chris met during Orientation Week at Rice University and forged their friendship as brothers of the Tune Squad. Like all brothers, they had their disputes but it only strengthened their bond, eventually leading to their escapades being recorded in ballads to be passed down for ages. Chris currently works a physics teacher in Dallas and sides with Priyanka's family in that they should totally move up here, "like seriously hurry up, what are you waiting for?"

Parker Leach - Groomsman

Vikram and Parker met in 2010 at Rice University. They became good friends their senior year when they served as "Varsity Sports Liaisons" for their residential college, which is the fancy way of saying, "they were given tons of money to throw tailgates for various athletic events." That mutual love of sports continued after they graduated as they've made it a goal to visit a different NFL stadium each year for a game. Houston, Dallas, Nashville, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland have already been marked off the list!

Drew Travis - Groomsman

Drew and Vikram met Freshman year at Rice University. Drew quickly realized that he would need this guy in order to pass his math classes for the rest of college, and then he realized that they actually got along very well. After 4 years of hanging out at school, Drew teaching Vikram about country music and two-stepping, they couldn't get enough of each other and spent 2 more years as roommates during their Yuppie years. Drew met Priya at this time and instantly knew that Vikram and she were a perfect match!

Eric Hintikka - Groomsman

Eric and Vikram have been close friends for nearing on 20 years, from elementary school to high school and beyond. They’ve bonded together over hundreds of board game sessions through the years—in Austin, Houston, Big Bend, and elsewhere—and countless hours of merriment. Through all that time, they’ve had much to celebrate together, but perhaps never anything quite so momentous or exciting as this!

Nishu Mehta - Groomsman

Nishu and Vikram became friends very early on in elementary school. They grew up together in Austin, Texas and have remained friends through many different stages of life. From watching Vikram hide behind the couch in fear while watching Gremlins almost 20 years ago, to losing to Vikram in Fantasy Football finals just last year, they've been through a lot of fun times together. Nishu had the pleasure of meeting Priyanka last New Years and could instantly tell how fun-loving she was and how well she and Vikram got along!

Surya Ravi - Bridesmaid

"I first met Priyanka in 2nd grade! I was new to the school and she was my guide around. At recess, I remember the teacher forced her to include me in her group and Priyanka was not pleased. But somehow, we are here today, all thanks to our 2nd grade teacher! Our friendship has stood the test of time. Even though Priyanka moved to another school after 3rd grade, we met again in high school and, as they say, the rest is history. She is one of my nearest and dearest friends and I am so proud of her and excited to celebrate her wedding! Just a heads up Priyanka, even if y'all are married, I still expect to be the first call for everything... not Vik, me!"

Meera Nair - Bridesmaid

"I met Priyanka in high school and genuinely cannot remember a single conversation since then that has not resulted in us laughing so hard that we can't breathe. From jamming to Lil' Wayne in our Honda Accords to planning our lives together in our joint mansion (Vikram, this is still happening btw), I cannot imagine the last 11 years without Pri <3"

Nadia Malik - Bridesmaid

"There's an endless list of memories I have shared with Pri and I'm blessed to have her in my life. We would have never thought we'd be roomies. Our friendship is pretty much summed up by singing 'You Belong With Me' at the top of our lungs on rides to Taco Bell during high school. Living with Pri in Houston, I also had the great fortune of scheming with Vikram as he made plans to propose. I'm happy my soul sister found her soulmate!"

Divya Angu - Bridesmaid

"I first met Pri our junior year of high school and we instantly hit it off. We bonded over our love for food, and then by doing absolutely nothing. I love how I can just lay around for hours with her but still have a great time. I am incredibly thankful to have a friend who is so caring, supportive, and genuine. She is someone I can go days or even months without talking to and always pickup right where we left off. Vikram is perfect for Pri, and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!"

Aisha Mir - Bridesmaid

Aisha met Priyanka during their senior year of high school. They bonded over their brown skin, love of fast food, and being sassy to pretty much everyone. They quickly became best friends and did all the things that best friends did like laying in bed and talking for hours. Those conversations always alluded to the fact that Priyanka would find someone who treated her like the Jurassic Princess she is. When Aisha finally met Vikram, it amazed her how much he humored Priyanka's every wish and she knew that they were meant to be together forever.

Lindsey Bosma - Bridesmaid

"I met Priya in nursing school. We were complete opposites - she was the diligent note taker sitting at the very front of the class and I was the one who showed up late with a Starbucks in hand sitting at the back. Our not-so-similarities somehow led us to move-in together two different times. We had friendly arguments over whose dishes were left in the sink and who got to park in the designated parking spot. So just remember Vikram, we were the old married couple before you were!"

Mary Clare Librando - Bridesmaid

"Priya and I bonded quickly over the love of celebration during the time of lives in high stress (aka. nursing school). Our humor and poor dancing skills kept us alive and happy enough to help us get through those two years. Our tastes were very similar which made our friendship very easy to develop; but, beyond Kanye, Indian food, and all the Netflix shows we watch, what we shared the most was our adoration for dogs. Seeing Vikram being great to Priya is one thing, but seeing Vikram be an amazing dog dad to Oliver ('Ollie') made me realize that he was definitely the one for her."

Jessica Cozak - Bridesmaid
Teri St. Romain - Bridesmaid

"Priya and I sat next to each other for two years in nursing school. I'm not sure who had the most freak out moments, or who daydreamed the most about margaritas while in class. But, what I am sure of is that Priya has always wanted to be married. She was made to be a fun, loving, and devoted wife. So Vikram, fasten you seatbelt, because Priya is going to wife you so hard!"